Equality in suffering.


Art is the treasure house of virtue.


When a failure fails, it becomes a crime.


Love is immoral ill-gotten gains.


There is only one step from great to ridiculous.


The mind reflects life, the face reflects the soul.


Some sins can only be redeemed!


The more passionate, the more sincere, the more subtle.


The purpose of noble, will do the same noble.


People can't pull out the love from the heart.


Beauty is easy in the blink of an eye, but ugly is forever.


I never did anything embarrassing, I couldn't sleep.


All human power is nothing more than a mixture of patience and time.


Beauty is a veil that covers many faults.


My father gave me a heart, but because of you, it beat.


Rich people never miss a chance of tacky.


A person who can think, is really a powerful man.


Conscience is considered legal James, an indescribable pain.


Women fall much, men have much vanity despicable.


Continuous labor is the life of the iron law, also the art of iron.


The rose, like all the roses, opened only one morning.


We may not be happy, may be happy, not in love.


Squeeze the lemon peel, his two daughters put lemon peels on the street.


The secret is like a young girl, the more you watch over it, the easier it is to find it.


A mother's heart as deep as the sea, in the mother's heart will always find forgiveness.


Love can not resist the tedious chores, at least one party must be very strong quality.


There are some obvious heavy moves like a birth certificate that can't keep secrets.


To raise, there are two ways, that is, must be done eagle, or do reptiles.


In the nature of the planning, the weak or Born Under A Bad Sign life, it should be.


Frank and deep friendship, should not be used to measure the length of time.


I think that the best ideas of life and the happiest results of human life are no more than learning.


Pity is one of the virtues of a woman over a man, the only thing she wants to feel.


They want you to always be great, always beautiful, they never thought that genius is always sick.


People are not perfect, somewhat hypocritical, hypocritical when the fools will cheer in corruption.


The highest art is the idea into the image. A word contains no thought, a picture of the whole philosophy.


Human nature is good at combining time and patience, the strong will not only have ambition, but also will aim at the opportunity.


The real thing about a real scholar is that he has done a lot of great work secretly and is not so famous for his life.


Unfortunately, the genius is stepping-stone; the water baptism of believers; capable of priceless; the bottomless abyss.


What is the spirit of some clothes, use it, regardless of it, just like wearing or feathered hats off.


Our hopes, can cause abortion, failure and frustration of ambition, often accumulated into envy.


She is like the calyx deep small, melancholy sadness to climb, hidden in the hearts of the wild thought could not find food.


There are no rules in the world, there are only events, there are no laws, there are only opportunities.


For a waste of people, money is round; but for the thrifty people, money is flat, is a piece of land can be piled up.


When the end of everything is ready, everything has been processed, then take a step forward, only the details of the composition of the value of the work.


Many people prefer to deny the end of things rather than to measure the mysterious relationship, the intersection, and the inner connection between things and things.


There are so many smart people who use the service of politics to save their own private lives, and can use them in turn.


Time is the wealth of the people, all the wealth, as time is the wealth of the country, because any wealth is the result of time and action.


For a long time, people will find that happiness is the soul of the property, in order to pleasure by love, not for money than people love more enjoyable.


Pain, like joy, creates an atmosphere. Into the house, you can know at the first glance what it is the tone of love or despair.


Interest than any artificial resistance are strong. The so-called interest is God's call, God only fancy people have interests! Your objection only makes the child suffer!


One must be great, not to pay the price. The work of genius is irrigated with tears. All living things, with all creatures as it disaster in childhood.


Never flatter from great minds, but little tricks, they try to put their bow and scrape, narrow, in order to ingratiate oneself to the character of life into their core.


Without a hobby, a middle course is completely in line with the people, it is a demon, is not half angel wings. The Catholic Christ Myth, angels and nothing else, only the mind.


How happy it is to be a busy man! And a man who does not take office, or because his family is rich and has nothing to do all day long, is a heavy burden on women.


Life is a variety of changes cyclic pain and joy. The eternal blue sky exists only in the middle of the heart, to the reality of life is too extravagant demands.


Fame seems to be the sun, from afar, like fire and heat, a dazzling light, when you close it, just chill and the Alps Mountain Ranch top.


Love is a religion, which is much more expensive than religion, and will soon disappear. It will be like a naughty child, and it will be a disaster.


Rich people don't buy my time. My time belongs to the people in the mountains. I do not honor, nor wealth, I do not want my patients to praise me, nor do they appreciate me.


A very small thing can be a frightening thing to love, and a little thing can make love happy. For love, anything, anything can be a fierce light or light.


A jealous or stupid person because never know the motives of clever wit, always immediately caught some surface conflict allegations, temporarily highly intelligent people as a defendant.


A person wants to keep the promise, is more important than to guard him because you can get to keep the promise of property; property, and no matter how much the property can not be denied because of failure caused by the stain on the conscience.


Emotional impulse, can be said to be a sweet and painful mistakes, for those who do not have enough experience to control their future happiness of the girls, will make their lives affected by misfortune.


With their own pain to deceive their own hope, but also do not belong to their own future, to deceive the current pain, all human behavior, all the contradictions and weak brand.


We admire the true politician, as the man who wrote the most magnificent poem for us. Always look forward to the future, in front of the fate, beyond the right.


Appetite tyranny has never been described, because everyone has to survive, so even it let go of the literary criticism. But in order to eat and destroy the people you really can't imagine how many.


This kind of life on the surface of the heart is affected by remorse shine with great splendor, like parasites generally eaten results of pleasure is long suffering The loss outweighs the gain., bring a pain, wound will not escape.


He compliments the way, superficial people seem very charming; fine people think it is an offense, because of this, it can scarcely wait to be able to guess curry favour, he goes out.


Of course, their moral is Stupid Flower Bear bitter fruit, the fruit is suffering. If God and we open a small joke, not to the end of the trial, the old man to frown, laugh or cry.


Honesty, like all our emotions, should be divided into two categories: negative and positive. Negative honesty is honest when there is no chance of getting rich. Positive honesty is every day without inviting temptation.


Influence of thoughts and feelings of interest, ethicists will never fully understand that. This effect, with interest influence on the thoughts and feelings be roughly the same. All the laws of nature have the opposite effect.


She is carrying a series of good deeds to the kingdom of heaven. The soul of the great, offset her education and early shallow habit. She was born to a monk, but neither her husband, and as an understanding wife and loving mother, no children, no family.


The spiritual loneliness and solitude have the same effect: in silence people can distinguish the slightest sound; to be in a brown study people, nature is very sensitive, which can distinguish concerned themselves with the most delicate feelings.


More noble people not willing to believe that people will always be evil, heartless; until by the cruel lessons that corrupt people know what to see light suddenly, and they instructed the fields; only to express their heart wide.


A noble heart is only the most tender emotions and beating, but it still has to endure the human interest about suffering, money is probably the indifferent colour defiled her glorious life, make such a woman of human emotion emotion also doubt.


Here, as in other social areas, in order to do a good thing, not only to offend some interests, but also violated a deal with more dangerous things, it is transformed into a superstitious religious thought, it is the human mind too strong to break the habit of.


Some women find themselves have been abandoned, the sweetheart back from the rival's hands, the rival killed, fled to the remotest corners of the globe, the guillotine, or from the grave. This is certainly the crime motivation from the heroic; noble passion, humanity could not avoid the court.


A daughter of the parents, should not be a strange young man into the house, the two will not read the books everywhere. The innocence of the girls, such as milk, a thunder, harmful aroma, hot days, a little bit of what, even a wind, will make the milk sour.


A talented person, more have a reputation in the distance, at the more disappointing; others think him more radiant, meet under the more he is be cast into the shade. In this case, once the curiosity is empty, it often produces an unfair evaluation of the character.


Love is a pure spring water, it grows from cress and flowers, full of gravel bed, change the nature and shape in each flood, or into a stream or a river, finally flowing into a vast expanse of water, where the spirit of the poor people only see the heart is still monotonous, people would indulge in high keep in meditation.

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