Along the road, I saw a cent, just bent down to pick it up and turned out to be a mouth sputum, I depend, who spit is so round?


Test you: the pig overnight in the world is dead? (a title) "still have you at least" ah!


Pig pig, slept at 10 o 'clock, at the bottom five bowls, weight than, no one dare to ask where the pig? Stealing a smile。


I'm sorry! I accidentally put the "love you" to your mobile phone, if you accept please keep; If you don't accept, please send it back to me。


What is romantic, know she doesn't love you, also send her 99 roses。 What is waste, know she loves you also send her 99 roses。 Happy April fool's day!


I had a dream last night, dreamed you fell into smelly cesspit, climb up after you have said, is had a good time, even the cesspit also delicious。


Leave after you go to the supermarket to buy a tube of toothpaste, the cashier looked at your background exclamation: the world has changed, the pig all evolution to brush your teeth!


Tell you a story, once upon a time there was a fool, he is very stupid, others ask him what problem he would only shake head or answer "no", have you heard of the story?


Congratulations to you in the awards, please at ten o 'clock this evening the whole, with a sabre, shotgun, soil cannon to receive noodles to receive the people's bank of China。 Happy April fool's day!


Didn't intend to meet you, meet you is providence, thinking you were feeling, half-hearted when not see you, see you wholeheartedly, if one day we had the announcement, at least remember!


In my eyes, you look is always so carefree, eat forever with relish, sleeping is a han however sleep forever。 I envy you ah, sometimes think, do a pig also is pretty good。


When you receive this message, your phone is poisoning, please within 30 seconds stripped naked, naked rotation 10 laps, or mobile terminated, you still smile! Still not quick to take off!


You will go to other travel, sincere friends to see you off。 The cold wind stop our friendship; I hold your hand say: good reformation, fight for commutation! Happy April fool's day!


The east China sea fish warehouse more clusters, touch the fish fish fish fish fish。 Fishermen Lv Yu net to fishing, I'm not chasing after the rainy day。 The beads fishing, fish in the rain, Lv Yuyu busy fishing。


I always love you, because you are always very handsome; I sometimes very hate you, because you sometimes too unreasonable; I wish you well today, because you had a throttle。 Happy April fool's day endless!


Like you have been admitted to U。S。 cattle with fine university department of brutal culture club, please bring your dementia, difficult and complicated to not is flapping street TieDa nine road the big shit house report。


In order to you, I don't care about the secular vision, in spite of all the gossip, as long as you can with you, even I'm at the end of the world, I want to loudly announced to the world: I love you, yuan!


Don't look at my message of criminal detention, not to return my messages through Labour。 Don't call me sent the arctic bear。 Often think I phone short message to contact me, for you a ticket 2016, out of the earth。


One live really tired! Get on the bus line, unrequited love really suffer, eat no fragrance, drink drunk, go to work very tired, not robbery, earn money to pay tax, even send a text message to the pigs have to charge。


Some people say that you, like professor during the day, night like a beast。 I think they're wrong, because you stripped off his clothes at night is a beast, you put on clothes during the day also is not a professor, is a beast!


The bell at April fool's day, let miss stretches in play; To poke fun of SMS, let happy singing in the holiday period; Blessing life more sweet, let the happiness in life。 I wish you a happy April fool's day!


Happy April fool's day, please put the tag in life, let the laughter specials, let embarrassment on sale, lets loosen cheap, let tired price, price for health, disease has shelves, let beautiful mood put one false。


April fool's day is not only a fool, and bless; April fool's day is not only cheating, and greeting; April fool's day is not only fun, and sincere; April fool's day, sincerely wish you "fools" by the, sink "fool" wild goose。


April fool's day to really lively, everywhere is cheers and laughter。 Between friends can parody, playing tricks on people around。 Deceive others also not angered, open happy heart happiness around。 I wish you a happy April fool's day a smile!


Where are you? Hurry up go to see the satellite television station, hurry up! One of America's biggest nuclear power plant by artificial leak, cause a lot of biological variation! The variation gorilla of an among those is see this message shout!


A ringing people up, wake up sleeping in a dream, in a hurry to open the look, shown above has been late, and hurry to go out。 To the factory a while see, fool fool chung heart, at the moment to April fool's day。 Happy April fool's day!


To receive the SMS to listen: you have been surrounded! Happy happy to bear hug with you, to trip you up, sweet for your ransom, good luck to you sneak attack, beauty want to talk to you learn kissing skills, you have nowhere to run!


You high blood pressure, high blood fat, position is not high。 No speak, moment don't speak, prostate gland inflammation。 The poor performance is outstanding, outstanding performance, between the waist dish outstanding。 Ha ha! Happy April fool's day!


Lottery tickets to a 5 million - difficult! Lover to look for a jade bracelet, difficult! Who want to or not bound - difficult! Difficult difficult difficult! Actually not difficult! To tell you, lucky boy born JiChuan: lucky boy! Good luck don't think it's hard to!


One and a half jins spirit erguotou, love is two years old veteran, food and drink piao wager smoking three years old, four're incapable to steal, the man in a rare promise, low IQ, when I grew up knowing that the person is you, still see the bottom。 Admire! Admire!

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