Much joy to you in the New Year。


Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year, wish a healthy body。


To the New Year, wish you in the New Year, the work is smooth, family happiness, healthy body, all the best!


Blessing is a true heart, not words。 A song, and wish you peace and happiness, all the best and happy New Year!


New Year's day happiness! I wish you: get rich on marlboro; Cause to hongta; Lover excel ashimar; Step revenue through greater China!


There is nothing to say, I don't know what to say to you, but have to say a word, my heart has given you, my world without you there is no New Year's day。


Far away are you all right? In the distant yearning, changes is my appearance, the same is always love your heart! Real wish you happy New Year!


Only in the New Year day, our friendship forever, open your heart, let my sincere friendship, fill your beautiful heart, I wish you a happy New Year's day。


Wish you in the New Year, lead bias in favor of you, the police asked you, court towards your career with you, let your daughter-in-law, finances protect you!


New Year wishes good luck to you, with you, the god of wealth follow you, car belong to you, bad luck away from you, happy things around you, I always with you!


New Year's day happiness! A beautiful wish I wish you a happy! A beautiful wish wish you cause yuan yuan! A beautiful wish I wish you a sweet love!


Happy New Year! I wish you a bonanza, hair like a hog; Body bang bang, strong like a bear; Love is sweet, beautiful like bees; Good luck, much like the ox hair。


And New Year, wishing you peace, erect and almost every year, the dream will come true in rich, brilliant career success, wish you always have a good year!


Happy year after year, a happy, happy life, I go in peace, a HeHeMuMu, may every wish of your life universal achieved! Happy New Year!


Year of monkey, a diligent, bless all the people healthy body, happy family, children happy, happy, everything goes well with 2016, good luck always。


In the New Year, may my wife and I extend to you and yours our warmest greetings, wishing you a happy New Year, your career greater success and your family happiness。


New Year new atmosphere, the Spring Festival to! A happy holiday! You would like to laugh, day in 2016, be always happy and content as fascinating, seconds seconds of happiness。


New Year's day holiday to ask you a good; Times the health, the mood very good; Every day by day, again tastes always good; The gold in the home, long notes on the wall。


You are my deepest thoughts, you are my endless yearning, let the wind picked up my blessing。 Let the cloud bring my greetings: may I wish you a happy New Year!


New Year's day happiness! I wish you a bonanza, hair like a hog; Body bang bang, strong like a bear; Love is sweet, beautiful like bees; Good luck, much like the ox hair。


My dearest friend: New Year's day arrived, in this New Year wishes god bless you! Guanyin bodhisattva protect you! The god of wealth cling to you! Cupid shot you! Eros yezhu you!


New Year's day snow fall, chill affectionately。 Separated, mountain water rich。 Love, miss such as yesterday。 Sincerely wish, excited。 Good luck, success in charge。


Favour you wish: leadership, the police asked you, court towards your career with you, let your daughter-in-law, eat and drink whatever you, money to cover you, winning only you!


Who is miss you? Who CARES you? Who to you? Who needs you? Who love you most? Who is the most caring you? Who always bless you? Don't want to, in addition to me, who else?


This year New Year's day is not altogether gifts clockwork SMS to you。 Healthy and happy longer with you, stick to you a happy, and I want to tell you, the god of wealth has been watching you!


New Year's day, wish smooth sailing, two dragons boom, three Yang kaitai, four seasons peace, five blessings, lucky, seven stars shining, eight party to wealth, Yang concentric, perfect!


Time like an arrow flies, and the New Year's day, ding so old awakening, the 2013 marched, carve out a career, to create brilliant performance。 I wish a happy New Year's day。


Flower, flower falls, be happy! White clouds, blue sky, happiness! And the wind, rain, very desirable! Luck, blessing, all belong to you! I wish you a happy New Year! Good lucky for you!


Pain had better be to others, happiness is your own; The trouble will be temporary, friends always eternal; Love is the heart, there is no big deal in the world。 Happy New Year's day。


New Year's day is not a gift, the sealing message bless you! Happiness and happy longer with you, the god of wealth with you every day, money always stick together you, benefits to you all! Happy New Year!


The first ray of sunshine is my deep blessing for you, pack up the sunset last wipe purples are my heartfelt greetings to you, on New Year's day approaching, send sincere wishes: happy New Year!


New Year's day is the beginning of the New Year, wish you can have a good beginning。 New Year's day wishes you life festive, a pocket full of the drum circle circle, I wish you a happy New Year's day!


Dynamic New Year new atmosphere, the coming New Year, New Year's day will coming, wish you in the New Year to eat well, drink well, sleep well。 Goods, express, career progression。 New Year's day happiness!


Firecrackers ring, monkey, Spring Festival gala to send blessings, all good, the crowd cheered together, New Year new atmosphere, blessing type, wish you a successful career, family, a promotion。


By considering a couple of days there will be a frenzy of blessing SMS blocking network, have ideal, have foresight and wisdom of the universe invincible super genius - I, early to wish you: happy New Year!


Button at your fingertip, message passing。 New Year's day will come, wish to send。 Body health, body strong。 Bonanza ferro drop。 Ruyi, auspicious, happiness with side。 I wish you smile every day。


Let peace on the subway to spring, let the happiness be with you, be there or be square, let blessing and lucky one can't be little, let you of the endless warmth and romance! I wish a happy New Year!


New Year's day arrived, in this special day, a sincere blessing to you, is a difficult to erase the memory of, a kind of can't forget the friendship, let blessing with time and space, happy New Year's day。


New Year's day arrived, want to me? Think I'll press, press again, so you want to me? I didn't press said I want to。 Also on! I didn't know you think like this I, the good will move! Press again! I am full of tears。


Santa Claus just go, I will come, you must guess, I'm here to line up to wish you a happy New Year's day! There are too many people in the queue to wish you a happy New Year, this year from a first I easy to me!


New Year's day festival is not altogether gifts clockwork SMS bless you, healthy and happy to sing with you, good luck and you are not isolated, there let me tell you, the wealth already follow you。 I wish a happy New Year!

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