Manufacturing myth is human nature.


The most lasting love is never to return love.


All over the place was six pence, but he looked up at the moon.


As long as you are poor, you will be a poor man in your heart.


Writers are more concerned with understanding human nature rather than human nature.


Art for art is no more meaningful than drinking.


Perhaps from an ancient character, I am proud to disdain force.


I think that a person can be the pursuit of the highest ideal is self perfection.


The greatest torment in the world is not in love but in contempt.


In order to make the soul quiet, a person must do two things that he does not like every day.


They met with indifference, break up more of a sense of relief.


A man because of love you and was your contempt, this people is how long ah?


Only those who are not independent of the human mind to accept the moral code, there are people who have their own guidelines.


Love jokes and make people don't feel mean, God knows how hard it is.


Youth is to face the reality of the ability to imagine, not in accordance with other people's imagination to deceive themselves.


For young people to a better vision for the future, pay a bitter price of disillusionment.


People who think that noble birth must be a noble appearance, it is just an understanding of the outbreak.


You will never know what kind of wild life is hidden in one of the most dignified women.


Man is not a single, good or bad, every man is a mixture of high and ordinary, good and evil.


One of the most difficult things to do is to realize that they are not the center of life, but only on the edge.


If anyone has something to say, it will not be long before humans probably will not speak.


This is not It's only human., finally reached the end, but I hope you later fail on the verge of success!


Form the habit of reading is to build a shelter for themselves, almost all can avoid disaster in life.


Surrender to happiness, perhaps is to admit defeat, but this failure is more than a thousand times the success of many.


We are not living in a no human habitation on the island, we have bound social relations. You need to be sensible.


I always think how the man's looks are of no matter. I am more interested in a person's mind than his appearance.


I really can't see it, it's just a lazy lazy thing to read the same thing forever.


She was living in heaven, now lost, she is not used to the ordinary world of ordinary people, and therefore, the despair of a head into the hell.


Your age is a bit long, you will find, to make the world a tolerable place to live, first of all have to admit that human selfishness is inevitable.


Sometimes, people to wear a mask, flawless, even their own thought in the process of wearing a mask themselves are in fact and mask the.


At first I'm sure you'll be scared, but when you're able to calm down, you're not going to be there. That is a kind of experience that is not available to everyone.


Do you want to know if I love you. Well, yes, I try to love you; that is, in my opinion, love in life is not the first, but the second place.


Life is harsh nature sometimes unexpectedly to torture their own children for fun, I sat in the carriage drove me back in Papeete warm family, my heart is heavy.


What I see is that his senses are fond of his soul. Those worried eyes, that affected the tone, the praise of people that consider formal, the escaped prisoner look is good.


The gentle oath and the strong adjective are the typical features of our language. In the past, Philip used to cultivate it as a symbol of masculinity, but now he is very careful to avoid it.


A woman is still in love with her, but she has no longer love the man can behave than anyone who is cruel; she is not only to him, and can not tolerate, she became a group of irrational anger.


A real person to death are unknown and lonely. He became a silent, silent ghost, neither the book of the author, nor the man who had lived. Between the two puppets, he smiled with a sarcastic smile.


If to abuse I can make you satisfied, I think I have no right to complain. The woman is always limited, in their eyes, the man is always the wrong party. In fact, the other party is not innocent, blameless.


That suffering can make human dignity, this sentence is not true; call a person made noble actions sometimes instead of happiness, suffering in most cases can only make people become narrow minded and vindictive.


As if is he in the chaos of the universe found a new pattern, is awkwardly to describe it down, because of incompetence, the heart is very painful. I've seen a tortured soul struggling to find ways of expression.


In order to make the soul quiet, a person must do two things that he does not like every day. The man who says this is a wise man, and I have always been doing it with the words of this proverb: because I get up every morning and go to bed every day.


Perhaps, we are not aware of, we because people to respect our opinions, doubly treasure we affect their strength, we don't like those we can't influence. I think this is the most human dignity festering wound.


He did not know that in the journey of life, have to cross a large arid barren, terrain sinister wilderness, in order to enter the living reality of the world. The so-called "happy youth" argument, but it is an illusion, an illusion of youth people.


The end of life, like in the evening reading, reading, did not perceive light darkening until he stopped to have a rest, to violent found during the day is over, day has very dark, then down to read but do not see the, the page is no longer meaningful.


The world only two things that make life worth living, this is love and art. I think you should take my life as an adventure, let gem like flame burning in the chest. A man should take risks, should go unscathed.


If you used to get along with some people and you're different, because they ignore what you seek, you have to put down everything they care about and to understand their life and their talent, which for your moral and intellectual health are very useful.


Remember, mightily, lift a finger does not boast, it is entrusted with your responsibilities, like when your hands are dirty to wash as a matter of course. The only precious is the responsibility of love, when love and duty be made one, you will be great. You will enjoy a kind of happiness that cannot be said.


So humble and silent love for you, my poor expression, I did not hypocritical affectation, always do less than think, my eyes reveal is certainly not empty, removed from the bottom of heart of love and gratitude to God, I have this to the will never have any regrets, is still deeply nostalgic and sad.


I take conscience as a guard in the mind of a person, the society for the existence of a set of rules to develop a set of rules and regulations to supervise the implementation. The conscience of all our hearts it sentry guard on duty there, watching us, don't make something illegal. It is placed in the central stronghold of the ego's spooks.


I think that most people who spend a mediocre life like what is owed to them. I admit that this life of social value. I saw its ordered happiness, but my blood has a strong desire for a more arrogant unruly journey. My heart longs for a more dangerous life.


He said he hoped everyone should stay naked, in nature's garb. When cheap, cruel, selfish, or lust appeared in front of him, he happily rubbing his hands: that is the true nature of things. When in Paris, he knows that the world is neither beautiful nor ugly, but only in pursuit of beauty is completely sentimental.


I know that suffering can not make people more noble, but make people more humble. It makes people selfish, narrow-minded, jealous, wretched. It is to attract people's attention on the small things, it did not make people beyond itself, but the person is not really; I was cruel wrote, we are not from their own suffering, but from the sufferings of others learned to obey.

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