You open the short message。 All of the information is to delete contacts will be lost, please wait。


Is the point in the morning, can up to hush now, I have no money to buy you a diaper is wet。


I a obscure poem, very few people know the world, only a fool and I know, a fool is reading the poem!


Report: at this time you sleeping posture is not correct。 For your health, please you up heavy sleep…… Mobile real-time monitoring system。


You see you, the head, waist, France India nose, athlete's foot, people don't people, ghost not ghost, only one head, two legs。


There are words I always wanted to tell you, but every heart jump very much embarrassed to say: actually, you look very lovely, just like a little pig!


Dear, I'm really sorry。 Since we last night a romantic kiss, you from my mouth lick of bean sprouts, I remember must brush your teeth after the meal!


Getting married is a mistake, divorce is awakening, remarriage is a fallacy, remarry is bigotry, having children is a big mistake, a person lead what all don't delay。


At night there is a meteor shower, I heard that there will be a big pig to once fly from the sky, but I'm trying to sleep, you good, there are so many people looking at you fly!


I think to know you so long, you are special person, extreme, very rare, unusual silly, but stupid cute, hee hee, don't be angry! Happy April fool's day!


I'm sorry, I accidentally put the phone book deleted! Are you a Shen Jin and? Or permanent or Qin Shou liu? Is it MeiRenXing? If no, then you must be cast zhu! Zhu cast!


According to the Massachusetts polytechnic, the study found the mobile phone in the water soak 1 minute before cell phones, can completely avoid electromagnetic radiation on human brain, remember!


Poor mobile phone users, very sorry, because you confirmed that this text messages, so bacteria infected the April fool's day。 Bacteria are now with the lithe step through your body。


See you for the first time, I just said to myself: you are my this life goal to strive, I want to pursue you, I want to hug you。 I want to announce: I love you……。 The yuan!


Disc: you recently dating a beautiful woman, frequent use of mobile phone text messages to flirt, to convey the opinion of this info now: hundreds of millions of Chinese male will be with you!


Read the following words, you will receive a monthly salary of 2000000 work, try the following: Dian Cong pellicle increased Jiao attach Huang was Wang zhan MAO MAO zhan zong plutonium。 Happy April fool's day!


You high blood pressure, high blood fat, position is not high。 No speak, moment don't speak, prostate gland inflammation。 The poor performance is outstanding, outstanding performance, between the waist dish outstanding。


Urgent notice: our city mental hospital patients with a escape, please citizens to be careful! The patient characteristics: like a fake phone to see information! Pet phrase: mental derangement!


Yesterday, I dreamed you, true of! Sunshine is so beautiful, your station's seaside in deep blue, I take small stick one tong you, hey, this kinglet eight, the shell still pretty hard! Ha, happy April fool's day!


You call to me, love me just want to let you hug me, love me just wanted to let you kiss me, love me just want you to feed me。 To understand why you with tears in his eyes? For lovely cat fish love deeper。


You see or not see me, where my message will be sent to you; You read or not read me, the desire in my heart will never change; You love or not love I, I still that sentence。 Though, for granted。


Congratulations you have been wild cattle fine university admissions department for self-protection flow classes, please bring your lousy basin broken bowl, incurable diseases to use abusive language road Titanic the big shit house report。


My poor friend, why every time you are "dislocation" : take funerals, you said 1: the distance of the guest please stay! Presided over the wedding, you sing, good flowers don't often open, every day is not Sunday!


Youth in love, when you told me you loved me tortured appearance; Old-age support, you said you was born I was not born of sweetness。 Life and death to leave, I finally know that you really wish。 Dear, happy April fool's day!


I almost forgot what day is it, if it weren't for thinking of you, I cannot be detected。 Day by day to day, today is a day of you, you don't ever forget, today is you of festival, I wish you a happy April fool's day!


Develop is passing, waiting is in vain, making his mark is convenient, is a practice, mend the ostrich is absurd, not silver is demonstration area, if you continue to look down, immediately into a big jerk! Happy April fool's day!


You go to school, you had the college; You are singing opera, the theatre; You play, you have the theatre; You make a film, you have the theaters; Then I ask you, what's wrong with you, there will be a lunatic asylum? Happy April fool's day!


Belong to you the most handsome among friends, who you the most temperament, you are the man of god, in my mind today whether received many blessings, I of course also cannot little, happy April fool's day, don't just giggle, remember to forward。


Time is really wonderful, due to the recent sun ion is too strong, the sun hatchet man opportunity to appear no signal phenomenon, don't panic, please at hatchet man machine another hand over their heads to hold back sunshine! Remember, the higher the better!


Wind flowers fly, continuously is the countless led stumbles to trip for you。 No one knows, this miss how enough sorrow, how will the heart completely emptied ruthless tore up again。 Your shadow always fly in the heart, let me drunk!


I heard that you recently very proud: Mr Putin helped you off the plane, and bush to you when the driver, Madonna accompany you up the stairs, Kim hee-sun give you roast chicken, liu dehua to help you take out the trash, I will send you a short information。 Friend, you fire!

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