Someone said to me: "you of wisdom like pig" I listen to and rage! I know you are! Such a bully! It is too sorry pig!


Wish you: playing CARDS is not luck, the leopard golden flower hang out, others stare you smile, people pay you money。


Meeting you is accidental, like you is natural, falling in love with you was resolutely, get you is gladly, the companion your whole life is inevitable。


Strange strange really amazed, find meaning of spring green, spring green head has a problem, don't eat not to drink not rest, to ask where is the spring green, is in the news!


Today are you going to beat people, or to be whole, wish you happy April fool's day! Comes but once a year, both the whole and the whole as dull day happy moment!


When you picked up a mirror, looking at his round face, high nose, charming eye, sexy lips, blessed ears, you always can't help but to sigh loudly - pig!


Hello, your mobile phone when you receive this message have been infected with the virus, please quickly switch machine after ten times 1860 specific reason and remove method。


The respect customer, hello: due to the rainy day, lead to system failures, for not affect your normal communication, please send cellular phone in the water! Thank you for your cooperation!


Attention, first take a look at your left, then take a look at your right side。 Please be careful just sneak out a mental illness, his character is: holding a cell phone look in all directions。


This is a necessary warning you: because hackers your phone system, the battery is detonated。 Please'll take out the battery immediately threw five meters distance。 Remember that!


To forward the note 3 times, you'll go wealth; Forward 6 times, you will go the official; Forward ten times, you will walk the desires of the heart; Forward 20 times, you will spend 2 yuan!


Pig want to head for the first time。 S first is pig head pig head first want to do the talking。 Pig initially read ten times every day is the first time the sincerity。 Package you steady。 Pig not changes。


I heard that you made a fortune, but also has all of the foreign debt, so when in elementary school borrow my eraser and what should I also, plus the interest of so many years you should also I a tire。


Your mandarin standard please say with me: never looked, looked prosperous Wan Wang wrist, forget the forgotten, Wan Wang Wan Wang…… Well, the dog dog don't call, eating bones。 Happy April fool's day!


Your words fee balance is insufficient, please according to hint top-up: the ashes of a one hundred - yuan, open the phone back cover, will be after the ashes into the back cover。 Thank you for your cooperation!


April fool's day, please be vigilant。 April fool's day, please be careful all the unknowns; April fool's day, remember to use your smart brain。 Otherwise, I can only wish you: happy April fool's day!


Mental hospital day rain, a lot of patients to take a bath in the rain, only you look at the window sill side alone, dean curiously ask: what are you doing? Your answer: waiting for hot water to go!


Fool, fool also enjoyment is a fool, the fool who knows, also more self-sufficient and fools。 I wish you a happy April fool's day a fool, fool comfortable, foolish happiness, fool a bumper harvest! Hee hee!


Are you go to work, right? Whether very tired? There is one thing I suppress in my heart for a long time, after careful consideration I decided to tell you the truth, I want to tell you is…… Now we had some time off from work。


Last night I dreamed you: eat man-han banquet, live in shangri-la; Wear boutiques, sit Cadillac, Look at the site of live, enjoy sex life; Travel all over the world, lottery period midterm…… April fool's day dream come true!


Poor mobile phone users, very sorry, because you confirmed that this text messages, so bacteria infected the April fool's day。 Bacteria are now with the lithe step through your body, I wish you a happy April fool's day。


When your father hold you on the train and walked through the people are laughing at you。 An old man holding a banana to approached you, cry to say, to give the monkeys eat bananas! See how poor it is, hungry didn't hair。


April fool's day, wish your life like a fool to water long-so large capacity is a fool, wealth yueyue is a fool, do a fool no, eating ignorance, tea fool laughing after a meal, so troubles fool away us, happy April fool's day!


April fool's day to, see acquaintances around, see the beauty to crane, see the boss polite, see the friends, see his family strong smile, see the message…… The fox's tail was finally come to light, catch you don't want to go!


Before you borrow money from me for a while, I am very frank to lend you, you also said that a few days give me money, but are now a few months why don't you have money, if you don't pay, I…… I send the wrong object, I'm sorry!


You and I are single-wing angel, only hug each other to spread your wings and fly, it is said that people come to this world is to find the other half, I finally found you difficulty, depend! Find a za a pair of wings is YiShun edge。


If a leaf represents happy I will send you the forest, if a drop of water represents a blessing I will send you the sea, if one needle on behalf of my missing for you, I sent you a celestial being, small kind, I can't believe this firm not die you!


April fool's day on April 1, IQ test action。 Someone to cheat in the first place, hard to guard against between relatives。 You lie to me I lie to you, not for fame to or。 Just to impress the gentleman a smile, happy with the ha。 Happy April fool's day!


To spring, spring breeze take my greetings: flowers qiao, I wish you a happy and healthy no worries! Bird call, wish you smooth work cause a backgammon! Greeting message you have received, you see so good, I am for you tonight, just have to you pay for the meal。


April fool's day is coming, in order to "fool" you happy, I will give you "fool" center of gravity long this ignorance endless SMS, wish you to be a happy "happy valley" : long-so large capacity have a fool, to be clear conscience foolish heart; Life's like a fool to water。

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