1、Gravity governs the motions of celestial bodies。萬有引力控制著天體的運動。

2、Limber or agile in movement。行動靈便的在運動中輕柔或靈活的

3、Articulated with the tip of the tongue turned back and up toward the roof of the mouth;retroflex。捲舌音的舌尖在嘴中前後上下運動而發出清晰的聲音;捲舌音的

4、Sports movement itself is not the most painful, but decided to want to go to sport this process。運動最痛苦的不是運動本身,而是決定要不要去運動這個過程

5、Yeah, I go a lot too。 I saw a bear and a mountain lion on my last hike。是的,我也經常去旅遊。我上次旅遊還看見一隻熊和一隻美洲獅。

6、Exercise will make you work up an appetite。運動會引起你的食慾。

7、No centripetal force, I am still in a circular motion。沒有向心力,我仍在做圓周運動

8、Games lost, life there is always a big deal all over again success。運動會輸了,人生總有成敗大不了從頭再來

9、Earth is in motion, a person can not always be in a bad position。地球是運動的,一個人不可能永遠處在倒黴的位置上

10、Sure。 But, it will be a long hike, 30 miles in three days。 Have you been hiking before?當然。但是,這是一次長間隔的旅遊,三天走30英里。你以前徒步旅遊過嗎?

11、the child has a weak constitution and is struck ill from time to time。 lack of exercise is part of the reason。 這孩子從小就體弱多病,這都是缺乏體育鍛煉造成的。

12、you should exercise more, you’ve already out of breath after completing such a small task。 你應該多鍛鍊鍛鍊了,才幹了這麼點力氣活就抽氣得不行。

13、Exercise is conducive to good health。運動有助於健康

14、he goes for a long-distance run every day at a specific time。 他每天都定時進行長跑鍛鍊。

15、Tedious mechanical movement, boring space shift, my respect for the natural beauty, I hate speed。單調乏味的機械運動,無聊的空間移位,我崇尚自然的美好,我討厭速度。

16、Sluggish in action or motion;lethargic。遲緩的行動或運動時呆滯的;無生氣的

17、I eat a lot of fat because of less movement, absorption, not bad I ……我胖是因為吃得多,運動少,吸收好,不賴我……

18、Athletes who use your strength, use your spirit to open up, a part of your long-distance running world! 運動健將們,用你的實力,用你的精神,去開拓出,一片屬於你的長跑天地!

19、For me, sports is just a way for others to push us the ultimate opportunity。對我來說,運動只是一種讓其他人把我們推向極致的機會。

20、surface ship zigzag manoeuvre水面艦艇曲折運動

21、Exercise will strengthen your body。運動會使你身體強健。

22、If a person's death, but the movement of waste off the nerves, but perception is still, it is more terrible than all dead。假使一個人的死亡,只是運動神經的廢滅,而知覺還在,那就比全死了更可怕。

23、According to objective laws, according to the movement of intercourse。按客觀規律辦事,按運動規律行房。

24、we should take exercise to build up resistance to disease。 我們應該堅持鍛鍊以增強對疾病的抵抗力。

25、Could I do it for my own painstaking exercise to keep fit it?難道我是為了我自己費盡心思去做運動,去保持身材嗎?

26、They breathed new life into the movement他們給運動注入新的生命。

27、Authorized to do squaring the circle bright monkeys, rabbits do not do sports arena。認可做水中撈月亮的猴子,也不做運動場上的兔子。

28、This movement brought about a change of cabinet這場運動導致內閣變動。

29、Reading is to the mind while exercise to the body。讀書健腦,運動強身

30、Horse-racing is her passion。賽馬是她最喜愛的運動。

31、Launch a mass production movement開展群眾性生產運動

32、The enthusiasts or fans of a sport or pursuit considered as a group。作為一個整體的愛好體育和運動者。

33、He likes jogging ever so much。他非常喜歡慢跑運動

34、Games lost, a man to be low-key, so I chose to lose。運動會輸了,做人要低調,所以我選擇輸

35、Water Skiing is a surface water sport。滑水是一項水面運動。

36、she fixed the exercise time for saturday afternoons。 她把鍛鍊的時間固定在星期六下午。

37、Your campaign is gaining ground。你們的運動不斷取得進展。

38、I'm just a been given a motion, emotion and thought "cosmic force machine。"我只不過是一個被賦予了運動、情感和思想的“宇宙力機器”。

39、Hitler sought to annihilate residence movements throughout Europe。希特勒企圖消滅全歐的反抗運動。

40、Exercise gave her a good appetite。運動使她胃口大增。

41、The true meaning of life lies not in sports but in the fight。生命的真諦不在於運動而在於戰鬥

42、Coursing is a sport in which rabbits or hares are hunted with dogs。 追蹤狩獵是一項以獵犬狩獵兔子的運動。

43、Now exercise is to sweat more to replace my tears。現在才做運動,是為了出更多的汗來代替我淚水

44、Bodied people, not only by diet, especially by sports。人的健全,不但靠飲食,尤靠運動。

45、In eating, sleeping and exercise time can be relieved without taking into account full happy, this is one of Miaoli longevity。在進餐、睡眠和運動等時間裡能寬心無慮,滿懷高興,這是長壽的妙理之一。

46、Exercise, exercise makes you happier。 。運動,運動讓你更快樂。

47、the army is a place where people can build their character。 部隊是一個鍛鍊意志的大熔爐。

48、If you want strong, running it! If you want to fit, running it!如果你想強壯,跑步吧! 如果你想健美,跑步吧!

49、doing sit-ups is an effective way to exercise abdominal muscles。 仰臥起坐是鍛鍊腹部肌肉的有效辦法。

50、All of us are fond of sports。我們都喜歡運動。

51、Time in their movement will encounter setbacks, obstacles, so a certain period of time which will remain in the room。時間在自己的運動中也會碰到挫折,遇到障礙,所以某一段時間也會滯留在哪一個房間裡。

52、Life is contradictory, is movement, once the contradictory eliminate motion stops, life will be over。生命在於矛盾,在於運動,一旦矛盾消除,運動停止,生命也就結束了。

53、This is a democratic movement。這是一場民眾運動。

54、Badminton can make a child more powerful arm。羽毛球運動能使孩子的手臂更有力量。

55、Have a temperamental dislike of sports生性不喜歡運動

56、The essence of life lies in motion, tranquil tranquil is death。人生的本質就在於運動,安謐寧靜就是死亡。

57、Sleep is also a sport, dreaming unfettered free travel。睡眠也是一種運動,做著夢不受約束的免費旅行。。

58、Harvest by labor fitness by exercise。豐收靠勞動健身靠運動。

59、The essence of travel, not sport, but to drive your soul, actively look to find the spring of life。旅行的真諦,不是運動,而是帶動你的靈魂,去尋找到生命的春光。

60、Exercise should always, to insist that people with machines, regular exercise can not rust。鍛鍊身體要經常,要堅持,人同機器一樣,經常運動才能不生鏽。

61、Moderate exercise is indicated。適當的運動也是需要的。

62、thanks to his persistent physical exercise, he looks healthy, with white hair and a ruddy complexion。 由於長期堅持體育鍛煉,他看起來鶴髮童顏。

63、Boxing is a brutal sport。 拳擊是一項野蠻的運動。

64、The racket used in various games, such as table tennis or racquets。球拍用於各種運動的球拍,如乒乓球和網球的球拍

65、Run five thousand meters, the figure is astronomical, the sport is in miracles。跑步五千米,這個數字是天文數字,這項運動是在創造奇蹟。

66、Exercise, and strengthen the body function。多做運動,強化身體機能。

67、Now a mass movement to plant trees is in full swing all over the country。現在群眾性植樹運動正在全國大力開展。

68、Hobby,sport or profession of competing in horse or vehicle races賽馬或賽車的嗜好、運動或職業

69、I'm head over heels about skin-diving。我極喜歡潛水運動。

70、he keeps exercising all year around, even in the hottest days in summer and the coldest days in winter。 他常年堅持鍛鍊,冬練三九,夏練三伏。

71、In the always-never-ending routes, movement is always the return!在永不間斷永不止息的航線上,運動的永遠是迴歸!

72、The distinctive feature of vitreous opacities is their actual movement on motion of the eye玻璃體混濁的特點是跟隨眼球運動而活動。

73、we should keep on developing our ability to think logically and exercise speculative thinking。 我們要不斷地培養自己的思辨能力、鍛鍊思辨性思維。

74、This is the will of the struggle。 This is the challenge velocity。 Victory beckoning to you, victory to you calling。 這是意志的拼搏。這是速度的挑戰。勝利在向你們招手,勝利在向你們呼喚。

75、you should come this weekend。 I think you could do the climb。噢,這個星期你可以來呀。我想你可以攀巖的。

76、Let's face it; you're getting too old to go hang gliding。讓我們正視事實,你上了年紀不能參加懸掛式滑翔運動。

77、It is electromotive force that drives electrons through the circuit。是電動勢驅使電子沿電路運動。

78、We have to learn to weightlifter, get affordable, fit, otherwise, it will flash to the waist。我們都要向舉重運動員學習,拿得起,放得下,不然的話,會閃到腰的。

79、Only sports can remove a variety of concerns。只有運動才可以除去各種各樣的疑慮。

80、It is a very difficult climb because there are not many places to put your hands and feet。很大,由於懸崖上沒有很多地方可以放手和腳。

81、Even on vacation at home can not be idle。 Did you exercise today?就算休假在家也不能閒著。你今天運動沒?

82、For satellites circling the earth, the law of areas is also imperfect對於環繞地球運動的衛星來說,面積定律也是不完善的。

83、Life is movement, originally pious everywhere。生命在於運動,原來道貌岸然無處不在。

84、If you want to decrease body fat, you must do aerobic exercises。如果你想減少脂肪,你必須要做有氧運動。

85、Step actual movement is more important than a dozen programs。一步實際運動比一打綱領更重要

86、Love sports, love the game, love the players, is the love of life。熱愛運動,熱愛比賽,熱愛運動員,就是熱愛人生。

87、The movement is developing vigorously。運動正在蓬勃開展。

88、Golf is a humbling game。高爾夫球是卑微的運動。

89、Life lies in movement。生命在於運動。

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